When my wife Hani and I moved into our neighborhood six months ago, we felt it was safe. It was surrounded by honest, hardworking people. Over the years, things changed. A criminal element began to sneak into our safe suburb. We constantly heard stories of people in our city experiencing home invasions and break-ins. The criminals became more and more brazen in our neighborhood. Some of the these criminals actually try to rob people in daylight. I knew that I had to upgrade my home security. I researched CCTV kits for my home. I purchased the best one for the security of my wife and I.

This last straw came when an elderly neighbor of ours was robbed. The criminals took her most prized possessions. They stole her electronics and television. The thieves also stole her dead husband’s urn. They must have assumed that it was valuable. This criminal act really hurt me. I would feel really bad if this happened to my mother. I knew it was a matter of time until I was next. As a man, I knew the responsibility to protect my wife and home fell on my shoulders.

I called a security company with a great reputation. They came to my house the next day and examined my house. They gave me a free consultation. The experts showed me various weak spots in my home where criminals can enter. They also showed me various CCTV packages that they offered. I never used security cameras before, but I was willing to try anything to keep my family safe. The cameras were very small and hidden. They also put one at the front door with a microphone so I can talk. I would be able to question people before they try to right the doorbell. My home felt a lot safer.

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