The house is just off of the Massapequa Parkway and relatively close to the Atlantic coast of Long Island. It is not on the beach, but you can get there pretty easily and I think that it is impossible that I could get a boat and keep it here on this little creek that comes out across from Jones Beach. Of course that would be a better idea if the ocean did not frighten me. I do not mind being on a tranquil lake, but when the ocean is angry I tremble. A Nassau County tree pruning service is here right now and that is one of the last things that has to be done immediately. It did not really matter so much when there was not people living here, but there were a lot of tree limbs which were dangerous and the wind comes off the ocean with great velocity and force.

The house needed all sorts of little things done to it and most of them were things that I could do on my own or with help from people that I knew. I did some bartering where that was practical, in a couple of cases I only had to cough up a case of beer, although it was not PBR. They wanted the good stuff, some sort of craft beer that was rather expensive. At any rate the job is not quite done, but the place is going to be ready well before the summer comes. It is about seven minutes by car from here to Jones Beach State Park, although I timed it just a few days back and the temperature was around forty five degrees at that point in time. When summer rolls around and the sun is warming the sand I assume it will be a longer drive.